Frequently Asked Questions – Portrait Photography Sessions

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How many people can attend a portrait session?

I enjoy working with couples or big families and groups of all numbers! FEES: A typical family portrait session is $175 for up to 5 people (approx 30 minutes). Larger groups and family reunions are also welcome: groups of up to 15 people are $300 (approx 1 hr). There’s an additional travel fee for outside the Eastport Peninsula or multiple locations, please send details at time of inquiry.

How do we book and pay? What about refunds?

Booking and payment are both done through my online system. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due at time of booking (all through the online system. Your balance will be due the day of our session). If we need to rebook due to weather, there’s no extra fee. If we’re not able shoot or to rebook, your deposit will be refunded. However, if we are scheduled and I show up but you don’t, you’ll be charged the full amount of the session.

How long are portrait sessions?

Most couple and family sessions are quick, usually running 15-30 minutes. Counter to what many people think, with small children a shorter session is often better, although a crying child might need a little extra time to come around.  These shoots are a snapshot of your family life at this moment of time. That can mean things aren’t perfect!

Any tips to prepare a young family for a shoot?

Eat first. Hungry kids and parents is a recipe for an unhappy shoot! Bring snacks and water too. Try to stay focused on enjoying the moment vs smiling for the camera. It’s easier to get everyone laughing together when you’re not worried about all the details. You’ll have a better time and the photos will be sweeter! 

Tips for couple photos?

Usually the female is excited and the man is not! That might not be 100% true but is a fairly accurate rule of thumb. My advice is to come looking great but comfortable and don’t wear anything too restrictive or that makes you feel unlike yourself. We’ll walk around and enjoy the day. It’ll be more like a fancy walk than a formal portrait session. It won’t be like school picture day! You can relax 🙂

Do you take pregnancy and newborn portraits?

I would love to document your pregnancy, please send a request, however at this time I’m not booking newborn shoots.

Where are you based? And do you travel?

Eastport, Newfoundland (the ‘sticks’). I no longer travel for portrait work but am open to travel for commercial work across the island. 

Where will our portrait session be?

Couple and family portraits are typically held on Northside beach or Burnside if you’d like a rustic aesthetic. For sessions with small children I recommend the beach for running wild and playing in the water. There are other beautiful beaches in the area but I’ve specifically chosen Northside because there’s significantly less traffic. We’re likely to have the beach to ourselves. A little mist, fog, and sand never hurt anyone (PS baby powder is great for removing sand from wet skin!). 

What about inclement weather?

The word ‘inclement’ was made for Newfoundland! If it’s raining more than a drizzle I will text you the day-of to discuss rescheduling. Because it’s Newfoundland, it’s common to have an overcast/misty day, those are still shoot days.

What time of the day will our photoshoot be?

In the summer, portrait shoots will be in the evening after 6pm due to the soft light (occasionally early morning around 9am. If you need an early shoot please be specific when requesting a session and we can chat). I typically do not shoot midday because of harsh, overhead light.. 

When will we get our photos?

Turnaround time is typically within a week, if not shorter.

How many images will we receive? And how?

Files are digital JPGs and will be in a private online gallery. A typical 15-30 minute shoot provides approx. 10-20 final high resolution images, however there is no set limit.. You can download all the photos, share them, and order prints directly from your private gallery. Galleries will be online for approximately 2 months after the shoot date. Please download and backup your images immediately.

To order prints, within your gallery click the image cart or Print Store.  Turn around is usually quite fast. If you have any questions or issues with your portrait prints order please email me at, Note: all prices are in USD and products are shipped from the US.

Nope, you want the very best. Remember it’s quality not quantity. The images chosen for your gallery are at my discretion.

What should we wear?

Think ‘coordinating not matching’. Try to avoid bold colors and detailed patterns with a lot of lines/shapes. Please do not wear anything with a large logo like a Nike swoosh across the chest, Adidas, Bench, etc. although I know it’s hard to dress young children! Overall I think neutrals are best but your photos should represent your style so this is ultimately up to you.

How will we know what to do during the shoot?

I’ll walk you through the whole thing and get you guys walking, talking, laughing and generally enjoying the moment instead of smiling for the camera. If there’s children, please let them get a little wet and a little dirty. These raw moments are the best! FYI The beginning of every session can be a little awkward as it takes a minute to get everyone warmed up to the camera but that usually clears up quickly…and then it’s fun! 

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